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About Us: There are a few wonderful things that we

would like to share about our online store :)

Our items: All of our items arrive pre-cleaned and laundered :) Yes I love doing laundry. Unbelievable, right? Our items should arrive free of any rips, tears, or stains. We only list items that are in very good condition, excellent condition, and occasional new with tags (NWT). If for some reason we consider an item valuable enough to least, although it may have some type of imperfection or damage, we will thoroughly include the information in the listing along with photos.

Discounts: We offer discounts for multiple item purchases. Please subscribe to our e-mail list in order to be put into the best coupon loop! Ha ha! We send out many promotional coupons for people to take advantage of, as we continue to attempt to grow the store. (Also, we do not abuse the e-mail list as some subscriptions do, but only send out periodic e-mails, usually seasonally, in order to post updates. Most updates can be received just by following on either Instagram, Facebook or Youtube). The end result is that you can go shopping for the whole family and save more money than if you had purchased separately through any other source.There is definitely a reason why we are able to do this. Continue reading below.

Where we got our start...

Basically our items came from our little mom & pop store that was located in East Stroudsburg, PA. The people in the community were so supportive with the credit exchange policy as well as the donation policy, that we were able to accumulate a wide array of items! The people of the town brought their best :) We also continued to take in items so that the inventory will be ever growing and ever changing! 

 The old physical brick & mortar store.

Our Vintage Items: Our items include True Vintage items! We usually never have more than one of the same item. We are not a bulk or wholesale seller such as Amazon. As a vintage lover we realize that many of the materials used in the process of creating vintage clothing, accessories and glassware, will & can no longer be replicated! Enjoy browsing our site, because you will find true vintage items. 
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