How to save money by selling or shopping online.

How to save money by shopping or selling online?

  • Purchasing directly from any website or vendor offers you the most direct discounts for their product or inventory. That is if the own their own inventory and are not distributors or sellers for other manufacturers. (see distributor sales note below).

 Most sellers promote their items on platforms (see note below) such as E-bay, Poshmark, Amazon, Mercari, Etsy, Google Shopping, etc., just to name a few.


… These seller platforms often take fees which include final sale percentage fees, store fees, certain item promotional fees, as well as taxes.

 (There are also free platforms on which sellers can post/ list their items: Facebook Marketplace or by having a Facebook Shop, Letgo, Craiglist, OfferUp, Instagram Shopping, etc.) PS – I even purchased a car on Letgo for $900. I am not kidding. Of course the vehicle needed some work, but my daughter is still driving this car today! BTW it was a Chevy Impala with a sunroof and leather seats…You know you can not make this stuff up! LOL! … but back to the matter at hand….


Therefore, if you are able to come across sellers, that own their own inventory & are able to market it to you at direct pricing, you will ALWAYS win!

 Also if you are familiar with the seller or their product, you will want to follow them on their person channels, once you find them J

Examples of these savings are customer discounts & free shipping. Obviously it costs to ship, but when you have a seller that has already invested in owning

and storing their own items, then your bulk purchases are incentives for them to eat the costs on shipping ;) Many of us eat shipping costs for breakfast. LOL.

Summary: When purchasing online, one of the most important ways that you can save costs is by avoiding the “middle man”. It is an old school saying in which you divert the one who is selling in between. Unfortunately in our day and society you cannot always divert the middle man, but at least this information will help you to know what to look for :) So definitely buy from people that are transparent and that you trust. People that tell you the most about where their products came from and how they are offering them to you. In this day and age that is hard to come by!


  Distributor sales – At times when purchasing from distributor, you can shockingly receive a quote or pricing that is actually far cheaper than the manufacturer’s price. This is only because the item pricing or product is so large that the details have fallen “through the loop”. Sometime manufacturers’ items are is such high demand that they have such a wide array of sales channels and distributors that they deal with. There for in order to make as many sales as they can, they will offer discounts to buyers depending on a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is if you happen to purchase in bulk.

 Platforms: I am posting a new video on the various seller platforms that are out there. Most sellers in today’s marketplace, MUST use a platform in order to sell their goods. Irrelevant to where the goods came from, we live in an online marketplace that reaches billions a day! In order to organize these items, some intelligent people have figured out that online marketplaces are essential and have developed online platforms for them. 

Thank you guys! Ilene K.

As usual ……. TO BE CONTINUED…



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