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A little Bit About Our Store

This site is set up to be more than an online thrift store! Our items include both modern & vintage peices ;) Our items will arrive pre-cleaned. At times items may still be new with tags (NWT). Our listings are carefully thought out and contain explanations of not just Brand name & sizing, but often material and style information. We sincerely hope you enjoy browsing through our items as well as through the site. We have many features set up on our platforms to make it fun..... (continue below)

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There are a variety of new blog posts that we have been working on. They do not only describe how our site works but also include all sorts of fun thrifty videos that are on our you-tube channel. We truly hope you enjoy! Definitely check back with us and see what has been newly posted. Don't forget to receive your extra special coupon code that you will receive via e-mail by subscribing to our newsletter below!  

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