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About Us

We used to have a small thrift shop in East Stroudsburg, PA. Many of our items are unique and they include both vintage and modern pieces. Almost all of the items are unique and we rarely ever have duplicates. The way the site is set up, is that you have a variety of categories to choose from :) You will also save $$ by taking advantage of the various coupon codes that we send via e-mail as well as with any purchase. Stay tuned for more juicy upcoming info. If you live locally, near the East Stroudsburg, PA area you will want to check the link at the bottom of the page for some fun local options that are available for local residents :)

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About Us & Our items

About me :)

So happy that you found my online thrift store! I have been an online seller for a number of years. Many of our items are unique being that they came from our previous local thrift store. Being that I am on multiple platforms such as Facebook & Instagram, & You-tube my new line is "HOPE TO SEE YOU AROUND" :) It would make me so happy.

Our Items

Our items all are pre-cleaned and washed. We attempt to use the cheapest shipping methods so as to not incur any extra costs to our customers. The more items that are added to the cart, the cheaper the shipping rate is calculated according to the pound. Your first package will arrive with coupons for our site :)

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If you would like to interact with us and post comments, by all means follow us on our facebook page :) We would be delighted if you joined! Just click the link below: https://www.facebook.com/thriftmentality/ 

We also have other platforms that you can follow as well :) Instagram: 


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Fun, fun, fun!

For those who live locally and would like to donate or exchange some items for our site, you can message me directly. Also I still have the Facebook page up for the old store. You will want to follow that page for any local announcements: