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Hello there! You have arrived to our online thrift store Thrift Mentality. You will see that the items are listed very specifically. By all means message me if you have any questions :) You can also do so through messenger on Facebook or Instagram. You can also take advantage of the search bar section of the site. You can enter size, gender, and even type of clothing. For example just by typing in "Blouse M" you would see all of the blouses in a size M pop up. Enjoy Browsing! Hope to see you around. Ilene K.

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If you would like to interact with us and post comments, by all means follow us on our Facebook page :) We would be delighted if you joined! Just click the link. You can post pictures of your craft projects or fun thrifty finds here! https://www.facebook.com/thriftmentality/ 


We also have other platforms that you can follow as well :) Instagram is a great way to keep up with everyday drama ;)


IMPORTANT INFO FOR LOCAL RESIDENTS: For those who live locally and would like to donate or exchange some items for our site, you can message me directly. Also I still have the Facebook page up for the old store. You will want to follow that page for any local announcements. Here is your special link for those who live locally.


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